How to choose right mutual funds?

How to choose the right mutual funds?

While investing in mutual funds, you have to remember that you must choose the mutual fund based on your risk profile. If you are an aggressive investor then you will have to pick up such aggressive mutual funds which will have high risk and at the same time high returns. If you are a very moderate risk taker then you should look for those mutual funds which carry moderate risk and moderate return.
Look at the expense ratio: A lot of mutual funds come with a very high expense ratio which means though those mutual funds offer you high returns, you will end up it losing all that because there is a very high outflow of expenses.
Invest based on time horizon: There are many mutual funds that will give you a good return in the long run but if you are investing in the short term those are not the mutual funds for you. If you invest in mutual funds just because you want to make a profit without considering the time horizon, at the time of taking out the money, your money or portfolio may be slope down and you will lose a lot of money.
Choose small-cap funds and mid-cap funds based on your risk-taking ability: Small-cap funds and mid-cap funds are not for everyone. It should not happen that everyone invests in small-cap and mid-cap funds. Small-cap funds come with high risk. If in case, you invest in small-cap funds and if you trying take out your money at the same time when the market is down, you will be lost. Hence, it is important that you don’t invest in small-cap and mid-cap funds without analyzing your risk-taking ability because if you are someone who can’t take so much risk then you should not invest in such funds.
Look for diversification: Look for those funds which have diversification within the funds. If you don’t look that kind of diversifications then it may so happen then after you invest money, in case if that sector goes down then you will lose money.
Consult Financial Advisor: If you are a new investor and still have hesitation to choose the right funds for your investment, you can contact your nearest financial advisor. They are professionals who can provide you the best advice on your investment and help you to strategically manage your funds.

Have You Ever Bought Insurance Over The Phone or Internet?

Purchased directly from an insurer, as opposed to buying through a financial adviser, Direct Life Insurance is obtained with minimal provision of individual medical information, and there is minimal underwriting, if any at all.
Yes- you have to ask yourself ‘Who would buy a car without checking under the hood?’ It’s a worrying practice.
Along with some Wolf-of-Wall Street selling techniques, the Pre-existing Conditions Clause has become a distinctively apparent clause for concern. Here’s why;

Pre-existing Conditions
If there is an ‘automatic acceptance’, and you provide no detailed medical information to obtain your insurance, then it is highly likely that anything considered a ‘pre-existing condition’ will not be covered. It’s as simple as that.
The evidence at the Commission has shown the extremely negative consequences of the direct insurance channel, and highlights the valuable contribution a financial adviser can make when ensuring that individuals are getting the right insurance for their own individual circumstances.

Case Study
One situation identified by the Royal Commission is mind-blowing, and grossly inappropriate.
In this instance, an insurer sold a policy to a man with an intellectual disability.
An internal email chain that was distributed within the Insurance Company’s Sale’s team highlighted the insurer’s intention to sell a particular product, despite the extensive negative impact it would have on the life of clients, especially someone with a pre-existing intellectual disability.
The email shows that there is $150 on offer as an incentive to sign up as many ‘lives’ as possible.

“Target is 400 lives by lunchtime.”
“Everyone aiming for seven lives over the first two sessions — 3.5 lives per session, easy peasy — and we’ll smash 400 lives to lock-in the incentive money for the last part of the day.”
“Also the draw for Tuesday is coming up, let’s smash it out folks and lock this cash money in.”

Sorry to burst this giant bubble, but yes, a free gift voucher, free TV subscription and other gimmicks should ring alarm bells.
Do your research. There may be alternative motives that do not have your best interests at heart.
It’s a sad practice. One that Partners In Planning are determined to push aside.
Spending 20 minutes to consider your life insurance choices now, will avoid any confusion later. In our opinion, it’s the greatest gift you can give to both yourself and your family.
Find out more about the Life Insurance policy that is right for you by contacting Partners In Planning. There’s no better time.

Know How Rebuilding Credit Score Makes You Widely Benefited

According to the studies, one of every five Americans finds one or more errors on their credit reports received from three credit bureaus. Mainly, these errors or negative entries include incorrect personal information, collections, and charge-offs apart from the report on late payment, charge-offs or tax liens, and more. The errors consequently hurt one’s credit score directly, and 5% of American consumers are being over-charged against auto loans, credit card debts, insurance policies and suffer from many financial obligations like paying in cash.Being one of these sufferers, mind well that rebuilding credit is an extremely tricky job; however, with experts help you can make it possible through the elimination of errors from your credit report and can be benefited extensively in everyday life. Just have a look at some of those great benefits that you enjoy with an increased credit rate.Lower interest ratesBeing a victim, you know well that lessened credit score simply means paying high-interest rates against your loans or credit card balances. Thereby, consider rebuilding credit right away and enjoy competitive interest rates and save money on paying extra interests.Avoid paying high-security depositsRanging from utility service providers, including telephone companies these days, identify risky customers through evaluation of their credit history. And in order to counterbalance the possibility of a default, those service providers compel you to keep high-security deposits. Consider rebuilding credit today with experts, get your deposits back and uphold your self-esteem in the society.Pay low insurance premiumsImportantly, your poor credit score affects your credibility to enjoy paying the low insurance premium on auto, home or life, and thereby you pay more premiums every year. Get your credit score fixed through the eradication of errors found in your credit report and save a lot for paying extra insurance premiums.Stop debt collector harassmentUntil negative entries are not removed from your credit report, you go through a miserable life while facing countless telephone calls and letters from debt collectors. Hence, think about rebuilding credit with the removal of errors from your credit reports and stop having such calls again.Get a dream jobToday’s employers check the credit history of candidates before appointing them. Apart from public departments, enterprises involved in management, financial or other businesses evaluate one’s value of commitment and integrity through check-up of credit scores. Therefore, having a bad credit history is likely to deprive you of getting your dream job, which can cost you seriously. Instead of waiting for more, fix your credit score today and get a good job.Buy a new homeAccording to the experts specializing in rebuilding credit, that struggling with bad credit score is more than a nightmare and typically keeps you away from buying a new apartment. Typically, due to your poor credit score almost all banks and financial enterprises deject your entitlement to have a home loan. And even if you are allowed, you have to pay high-interest rates to own a home.Buy a new carTypically, before allowing you a loan, auto dealers check your credit score and reject your application for an auto loan, leaving you no other option but to use public transport or your old car.Rent an apartmentNot only can bad credit keep you away from buying a good home but also deprive you of renting an apartment. This is because, most landlords like to check the credit score of applicants to determine the possibility that you may make late for paying the rent. So, why do suffer from having erroneous entries on your credit report? Get in touch with specialists who can help you in rebuilding credit through the elimination of the negative entries from your report.

How to Sell Consulting Services – Uncover 5 Powerful Ways to Sell Consulting

If you are an expert on one particular field and if you want to make money by sharing your expertise to other people, you can design and sell consulting services. Here’s what you need to do to increase your sign up rate exponentially:

1. Plan and execute an aggressive marketing campaign. Start by understanding the online behavior of your target market. Know how much time they spend online on a daily basis, the websites that they often visit, and the keywords that they are using on major search engines. By knowing these information, you can easily figure out the best internet marketing tools to use, the amount of time and money you need to spend on your advertising campaign, and the potential outcome.

2. List building. Truth be told, it’s quite impossible to get your prospects to sign up with you the first time that you offer them your consulting services. The key here is keeping in touch with these people until such time that you build rapport with them. Obtain their email addresses and their phone numbers using effective list building techniques. Then, send your prospects with informative newsletters or updates about your consulting services on a weekly basis. You can also call them up. Make sure that you communicate the benefits of your offerings each time you do so increase your chances of making a sale.

3. Establish your expertise. People are most likely to sign up with you if they know that you are truly an expert on your chosen niche. Convince them that you have what it takes to help them to get to where they would like to be by sharing a slice of your expertise using article marketing, blogging, and by hosting webinars and teleseminars. The more valuable information you share, the higher your chances of earning the trust of your prospects.

4. Treat your customers right. This is really the secret to succeed in this field. If you want your customers to do repeat business with you and if you want them to recommend you to other people, you got to treat them right. Aside from offering them with compelling consulting services, you must also offer them with great customer service.

5. Offer freebies and discounts. If you are going against a lot of consultants (including the big dogs), it would work to your advantage if you can offer freebies and discounts from time to time. Experience has taught me that buyers simply love getting something for free so this can surely help you capture their attention in no time.

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